Dear friends, as we journey through life with all its

problems and distractions we can certainly lose

our perspective. We can lose all direction to life

and left to ourselves we become nothing and

remain with uncertainty. Any positive support, a

sincere understanding can place a person on the

right path. This is what the readings of today tell

us that hope will come when we expect little.

Human hope is a fragile thing and when it withers

it’s difficult to revive. Today God challenges us to

meet the Risen Christ who comes to us in ordinary

life situations. All of the Easter accounts suggest

that Christ comes to us in the places where we live

our lives. It is easy to mistake the presence of the

Lord like Mary for a gardener, Peter as a man on

the beach, Cleopas and his companion while at

meal. Easter comes and gives us a fresh chance to

believe and live in a new exciting way. The Easter

story and the story of the Emmaus journey hover

around us all the time. God never forces himself

on us, but Christ joins us in a walk in the garden

or a visit with a friend or while sorrowing at the

death of a friend or watching the beautiful scenery

or reading a consoling letter from a friend. God

speaks to us in the voices of those who are hurt or

are sorrowful, in the faces of the poor and the

needy, in the victims of prejudice and the

generosity of those who care, in an ordinary meal

and particularly in the Eucharist. Peter in the first

reading gives hope to people telling them that

even though they killed Jesus, God has raised him

up. In the second reading Peter reminds the

Christians that Jesus through his blood has paid

the ransom for us and the saving hope is given to




Dear parishioners of St Patrick’s Church,

Caledonia. The office received several phone calls

over the week from the parishioners asking us

about the Sunday offering envelopes. I know

everyone is experiencing financial crisis at this

time: layoff, self-quarantine, closing of Business

etc. But if you still would like to keep your Sunday

offering envelope, your weekly donation to church

as normal, you are most welcome to do so. But

there is no pressure to anybody. The best way to

stop the disease is by staying home. So, you can

place each week’s envelope in a bigger envelope

(marked as Sunday Offering) and when the church

resumes its Sunday services you can bring it in.

Every day I celebrate Mass for intention of the day,

intentions of the parishioners and for the world. If

anyone requires help during this difficult time,

some people from the parish are willing to do so.

You can call the church office.

Stay safe, stay home

God bless

Fr Jerome Mascarenhas