Dear Parishioners,

I pray that you are keeping safe and healthy during this time of pandemic, isolation and social distancing. Please know that I continue to celebrate weekday mass and pray for our parish and for each of you. It is our faith and our sense of responsibility to protect each other that will help us get through this.

While our opportunity to gather together for Mass has changed, we are thankful that technology has permitted us to still celebrate our Sunday Mass together through YouTube and our website. We

are all adjusting how we gather and how we communicate.

While the pandemic continues around us, so too are we all facing challenges including financial, mental health, and wellbeing. While we are not at Mass weekly, our Parish expenses continue and

without our regular collection and donations, we face a decline in revenue. I ask you to give consideration to continued financial support for St. Patrickís in this time of crisis. We have established a system to allow contributions through credit card, as well as through cash or cheque contributions. Please just contact the Parish office should you wish to make a one time or weekly contribution. At this time, we are not able to accept E-Transfer. Please know that I am only a phone call away should you wish to reach out for a conversation or

spiritual or wellbeing support. While we cannot meet in person, we all recognize the importance of being there for each other.



God Bless you all

Fr Jerome Mascarenhas ocd







Dear friends, the Fourth Sunday of Easter is

generally termed as the Good Shepherd

Sunday in our new Catholic liturgical

calendar. In recent times this day has also

become known as Vocations Sunday, a day

on which prayers are offered for vocations to

the priesthood and religious life. The image of

God as the shepherd of his people has a long

tradition in the history of Godís people. The

image of the shepherd is one which appears

several times in the New Testament. It is one

that would be immediately understood by the

people of the time. In the Gospel of John

Jesus calls himself as the Good Shepherd and

promises to take care of the sheep entrusted

to his care. We have the popular images of

Jesus the Good Shepherd carrying a sheep

over his shoulders, or we have a smiling

Jesus sitting under a tree, with a little lamb on

his lap. This image of the shepherd appeals to

us because it shows the tenderness of Jesus

and his compassion. A shepherd in those

days walked ahead of the sheep seeking out a

safe path taking them to the pastures, water

and shelter. The sheep followed him, because

they recognized his voice, and they trusted

him. An image of Jesus as a Good Shepherd

is reassuring us that he is always our support

on our journey through life. When we

encounter difficulties in our lifeís path and

face serious problems the presence of Jesus

the Good Shepherd reassures us that we are

not abandoned, that Jesus is supporting and

holding us up. As we continue to battle with

Covid19 Pandemic, let Jesus our eternal good

shepherd guides us through this health crisis.

Let us pray to him in trust.